KC Border's notes on selected topics in mathematical economics

Colleagues and students:

In the previous millennium, I began to put my course “handouts” on the web instead of handing them out. Here is an index of many of them. I offer no warranty as to the correctness of these notes, but I am not aware of any remaining errors. However, many of them are incomplete. Feel free to use them in your courses or studies, but do so at your own risk. Or as Ronald Reagan was fond of saying, “Trust, but verify.”

I add to this list on occasion. The file sizes and dates below reflect the latest uploads. The revision date in the handout reflects only major revisions. If I find typos, reformat a few equations, or simply play around with different fonts, I may upload the new version without changing the revision date in the text. I am now adding a time stamp to the handouts that indicates the last time the file was converted to pdf from LaTeX. This is usually an indication that something has changed, even if only the format. In November of 2015, I began to update the first pages to reflect the new Caltech Identity Project's recommendations on the use of the new logo, so almost all file modification dates are 2015 or later, despite the fact that some of these notes date back to the early 1980s and were converted from troff.

I'd appreciate it if you let me know if you find any mistakes, or if you just find something too obscure. Corrections are also greatly appreciated.


Mathematical Economics

Rational choice and demand theory

Cost and production

Arrow–Debreu–McKenzie–Nikaidô Model

Decision under uncertainty

Financial economics

Growth & Economic Progress

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Linear algebra

Convex analysis

Metric spaces and topology



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