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Non-stop flights from Port Columbus airport

Biographical Information
I have a mild fear of balloons and I don't care for the taste of lake water.

Alternative Affiliations
Ariel Rubinstein is a faculty member in the University of Tel Aviv Cafes.
I am a faculty member in the University of Drinking Beer in My Basement.

My Theme Song
Click here.

Links to People Who Are Not My Coauthors
Ross Starr

People I Am Not
Paul Healy, Professor of Accounting & Management at the Harvard Business School.
Andrew Healy, Professor of Economics at Loyola Marymount University
     and Senior Strategist for Player Personnel, Cleveland Browns
Paul J. Healy, author of two poems appearing in the J. American Medical Assoc. (here and here).
Paul J. Healy, internal medicine doctor in New Bern, North Carolna (may be the poet above?)
Paul Healy, Professor of Anthropology at Trent University.
Paul Healy, music producer and editor for the movie Babe: Pig in the City.
P.J. Hill, prolific running back for the Wisconsin Badgers from 2006–08.
P.J. O'Rourke, political satirist, journalist, and writer.
P.J. Haley, bay-area biotech executive.
P.J. Harvey; singer, songwriter, and female.
And I am not affiliated with:
   P.J. Healy Co, Inc., a company offering online defensive driving courses.
   Lyon & Healy, harpmakers, co-founded in Chicago in 1864 by much-beloved Irishman P.J. Healy (PDF).
   P.J. Dick, a Pittsburgh general contractor that has built some cool buildings.
   PJ Library, a free Jewish childrens' book-sharing community.
   PJ's Sandwiches, a late-night eatery located 2 blocks from my office.
   PJ's Pizza in Columbus... Pizza Done Right™!
   PJ's Pancake House in Princeton, NJ (and owner of the URL
   PJ1 motorcyle lubricants.
   PJ Helicopters.
   PJ's Coffee, a Louisiana-based Starbucks clone.
   PJ Media, an extremely right-wing news-reporting blog.
   Heelys, the roller-skate shoes for kids.
   Early-1900s NYC speakeasy Healy's Golden Glades.

Other Economists Who Aren't Other People
James M. Walker isn't James R. Walker, and neither of them is James T. Walker.
R. Vijay Krishna isn't Vijay Krishna, though both are theorists who overlapped at Penn State.
Tim Cason isn't Tim Capon, though both are environmental & experimental economists.
Bart Taub isn't Bart Taub, though both work on contract theory.
Kim Border isn't Simon Wilkie, though both have beards and ride motorcycles.

Economists Holding Animals
Here is a picture of me holding an alligator.
Here is a picture of Susan Loury holding a koala bear.
Here is a picture of Marcus Berliant also holding a koala bear.
Here is a picture of Paul Krugman holding a cat.
Here is a picture of Ted Turocy holding a cat.
Here is a picture of Larry Blume holding a fish.
Here is a picture of Belton Fleisher holding a cat in Slovenia.
Here is a picture of Lester Lave holding his dog, Coco.
Here is a picture of Garrett Senney holding a fake shark.
Here is a picture of Susan Athey holding a chicken.
Here is a picture of John Rehbeck with an owl on his head.
Here is a picture of Lones Smith holding a large snake.
Here is a picture of Ernesto Reuben holding a small dog.
Here is a picture of Kirby Nielsen holding my son.
Here is a picture of Ted Bergstrom holidng a statue of a dragon or a lion or a pig or something.

Experimental Labs
These are labs with which I have had an affiliation or have run experiments.
Experimental Economics Laboratory, The Ohio State University
Pittsburgh Experimental Economics Laboratory (PEEL), University of Pittsburgh
Center for Behavioral Decision Research (CBDR), Carnegie Mellon University
California Social Science Laboratory (CASSEL), UCLA
Laboratory for Experimental Economics & Political Science (EEPS), Caltech
Social Science Experimental Laboratory (SSEL), Caltech
ExLab, Purdue

Subjects In My Experiments Who Became Professors
Ian Krajbich

Stuff For Which People Might Search
Help! I moved and Google Maps thinks I'm at my old house!

Here's a WinEdt macro for running LaTeXDiff from within WinEdt. (Requires that LaTeXDiff already be installed.)

Here's a WinEdt macro for copying your compiled document straight to your website (or any other folder). (Requires that you have your website mapped as a drive in Windows, which is probably kinda rare.)

Self-Generating Movies
These are movies in which a character writes the book or screenplay of that movie.
    Pee Wee's Big Adventure
    The Player
    Get Shorty
    Stand By Me
    She's Having A Baby
    Biloxi Blues
    Throw Momma From the Train*
(*In these movies, a character writes a children's book based on the movie's plot.)

My Hobbies
I forget.

There's nothing down here... except this sentence.