P.J.'s Hiking Logs

These are various hiking logs I've created. They're nothing particularly special, but I put them online anyway.

Columbus, OH
7/15/11: Highbanks Metro Park: Oak Cove to Observation Deck
7/20/11: Highbanks: Observation Deck Loop And Wetlands
7/25/11: Highbanks: Double Loop

9/30/11: Comanche-Venable Day 1
10/1/11: Comanche-Venable Day 2
10/2/11: Comanche-Venable Day 3

Vancouver, BC
3/07/12: Brunswick Mountain
State College, PA
4/17/10: Rothrock: MidState Trail from Seeger

San Diego, CA
9/13/12: Iron Mountain (near Poway, CA)
Yosemite National Park, CA
10/18/14: Panorama Trail (with kids)

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