Jonathan's Table

Here is Jonathan's table. This is probably a good way to go if you want more portability by using removable legs.
Jonathan writes:
"I decided to make a big change in the vaulting system, because I needed it to be lighter and more portable. I used 2" PVC pipe and added threaded caps to the top. The PVC was really easy to cut though with a good hacksaw. The legs twist in to metal pipe flanges, installed into the bottom of the table itself. I also put round caps on the bottom with felt circles to keep it from marking up the hardwood it's been sitting on. My table may be a tiny bit less stable than the wood legs, but removing the round caps may take care of some of this. I used particle board for the table and I would now recommend dropping more $ and going with nice plywood, because you can rough it up more without having to worry about it breaking. My table holds fine, but I had to be very careful when cutting not to push too hard and break off a piece of the particle board. I left the middle of the backside of the table open just enough to slide my chip briefcase in for staorage. I also cut a trap door in the left side of the back of the wood, so I can reach into the squared off box that the brass money stomper (not pictured) pushes cash into. The cupholders were much easier than I ever had throught. I put small pieces of extra vinyl at the bottom instead of painting the wood. The vinyl can also stand moisture better than wood can. The hardest part was the vinyl armrest area. Turning that straight piece of vinyl is NOT easy. Two of us did it and half way through, it was just too gone to continue. So we ended up cutting it in half and doing two parts of vinly from each end. I just hot glued the two halves together in the middle (could also be sewn together). I decided to purchase a chip rack rather than try to craft one myself. It fits very snuggly and works great. All in all, the table is great! I did spend a little more than $100, but PVC (although lighter) costs somewhat more than wood due to the different pieces. I also spent extra on the chip rack and money stomper. I bought the felt and vinyl pretty cheap at Hancock's Fabrics and got the foam at Michael's I think. I couldn't find a continuous piece for the armrest, so I bought a giant thick square and cut it into strips, which I staple-gunned to the table. My only other advice would be to test your rope light if you use one. Mine seems to get pretty dang hot, and I'd rather not have it accidentally melt to the vinyl or something."

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