Bryan's Table

Here is Bryan's table. He used the rope light inside the armrest, closed in the bottom with wood panelling, and used counter-top material for the playing surface.
"So far overall the table has cost me about 350 dollars to build. Instead of using 2 sheets of plywood and blocks of 4x4 for the top i used 2 piece of 1" High density MDF. The stuff the build counter tops out of. Well, i sandwiched two of those together with some glue and screws, and cut the arch out. Instead of using a pre-made silk screened felt, i bought one at walmart for 10 dollars. I did this seeing as I wasn't going to be using the table just for blackjack. Although that is the game that played the most on it. Under the cushion is strip lighting which illuminated the table at night. The cushion is made from real leather , and was probably the most difficult part. The table is not done, I still have to adhear white felt betting circles to the table as well as, install a money slot, and cup holders. Overall it has been alot of fun building my table and would suggest anyone who loves playing cards build one."

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