Bob's Table

Here is a very professional-looking table.
Bob writes:

I spent a little more money on this table than I should have (about $225), what I used is 3/4" oak. The dimentions on the table are 80"x 40". I cut a square to put the chip tray in as you can see, I also have a slot for the money as well. The way I put the armrails on is probably the best way to eliminate bunching. What I did was I made a frame 4" wide and cut it out to fit the table, then I bought 1/4" foam and spray glued it to the armrest and trimmed off the excess foam, then I put the armrail on the table and pulled it over for a snug fit. When doing the vinyl, it is best to cut slots when stapeling to the inside of the armrail frame to avoid bunching, it turned out awesome. As for the layout, I bought it from ebay; they have all the stuff you need to make a great table. Well worth the money, makes for a great conversation piece.

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