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Batch 039: The Lovebirds (Luke & Katie’s Wedding Beer)

by pj on September 10th, 2013

After extensive testing, I settled on citra and simcoe as the most juicy, flavorful, awesome hops. So I brewed a beer focused on those. I brewed two 5-gallon batches and had them fermenting side-by-side in glass carboys. They kind of looked like two squat little yellow birds perched next to each other, so I was inspired to name the beer Lovebirds. Since Luke is from New Mexico and Katie is from Massachusetts, I named the two batches “Roadrunner” and “Chickadee”, after their respective state birds. I then married the Roadrunner and the Chickadee together onto one batch, kegged it in 2 kegs, and carbonated it. My wife and I then drove them to Atlantic City, NJ for the wedding. The beer was served on a booze cruise the night before the ceremony. A few hours before the booze cruise I sank a couple of ounces of simcoe hops into each keg to give it an extra hop punch. The result was a super cloudy, super hoppy, super delicious beer that earned rave reviews. Both kegs blew quickly. At the end of the night we even pulled out the sacks of hops from the empty kegs and people squeezed the remaining beer out into their mouths. Definitely a fun time, and a great beer.

The label shape comes from The Bruery, who recently had a label design contest and posted their Black Tuesday label template online for people to use. I really like having a non-square label, though it is a pain cutting out the shape each time I print one. I printed two full-sheet sized labels and affixed them to the wedding kegs for all to see. The beer was never bottled.

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